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Regions & Terroirs

Tradition. Diversity. Quality.


  • 10.000 years ago, Ice Age glaciers sculpted a beautiful land where earth meets water to soften the air, creating ideal conditions for growing grapes.


  • 400 years ago, Dutch settlers planted vines on a small island in this new world, followed by Englishmen on a different island to the east, and French immigrants in a river valley to the north.


  • 180 years ago, a winery was established in that valley, followed by others further west in a region of spectacular lakes.


  • 35 years ago, the land carved by glaciers had 19 wineries. Today there are 335.


  • The diversity of the landscapes mirrors the diversity of the wines - from fruity, aromatic Native American varieties, to classic European varietals, to the French-American wines blending the best of both worlds.


  • Different tastes, consistent quality: Centuries of grape growing experience enhanced by state-of-the-art technology and world-class research, combined with a passion for quality, have created this new world of world-class wines.

New York State... a Wine Lover’s Paradise


New York State : European latitude, New World attitude



Tucked in the northeast corner of the United States lies an exquisite wine lover’s paradise that’s on a similar latitude to Europe’s most cherished vineyards.



Welcome to New York Wine Country, home of five major wine regions covering nine officially recognized appellations blessed with fertile glacial soil and ideal grape-growing micro-climates.



The third-largest wine-producing region in America, New York has 335 wineries that are making international waves with their award-winning Rieslings, Cabernet Francs, Chardonnays, and other varieties like the traditional Catawba and Niagara along with Cornell-developed grapes like Cayuga and Traminette.

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